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8th February

Protest Debruary 8th


Judith Collins Electorate Office
98 Great South Rd,


Mander Park,
Western Hills Dr,

Bay Of Plenty

ANZAC Memorial Cenotaph,
Cnr Fraser St and 11th Ave,


Puke Ariki Landing,
St Aubyn Street

Hawkes Bay

Stuart Nash Electorate Office
155A Tennyson St,
Napier South


Cnr Halifax St East and Rutherford St,


Gerry Brownlee Electorate Office
283 Greers Rd,


The Captain Cook Hotel Gastropub,
354 Great King Street,
North Dunedin

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10th December

One week after the police admitted to a massive data breach of the nascent firearms registry, legal gun owners feel exposed as Police bury the issue with spin-doctoring and public relations activity in what seems to be a gross betrayal of public trust.

35 people have already approached community leaders after being contacted by Police to advise that their personal details, including firearms held, home address and secure storage provisions were potentially released on to the dark web. More still believe that they have been affected but not notified.

One license holder whose privacy was breached said: "Nothing stops someone from kicking in my door and holding a knife to my throat and demanding that I show them where the guns and keys to the safe are. No amount of secure storage can stop someone from just threatening my family now that my address is out there."

With just 8% of all gun thieves investigated and charged, licenced firearms owners have no reason to believe their safety is guaranteed. Stunningly, as the electronic data breach was taking place Police had already sent out unsealed envelopes containing renewed firearms dealer licenses and other information exposed through the address window. Should these licenses need to be replaced, licences that were lost will continue to be valid in the system with no facility to cancel them.

Combined with the loss of personal data NZFP believes that the creation of fake licences on demand by criminals seeking firearms is on the horizon. The leaks don't stop there: just this week corrupt Police officer Vili Mahe Taukolo was sentenced to 2 years and 2 months in jail for selling Police data to criminals.

"Administration of the arms act must be removed from the Police. We think they have better things to do and they obviously feel the same way." states Mike Loder of the Kiwi Gun Blog. "There has been a relentless cascade of failures from them."

When contacted by members of the New Zealand Firearms Protest no Police comment was forthcoming, although Police have stated publicly that the vendor of the software, SAP, is responsible for Police mismanagement of the product. Police Minister Stuart Nash and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern have both gone on record stating the Police Minister has no responsibility in cases of Police mismanagement such as the data breach.

We may be waiting some time for that comment. The government has not yet determined responsibility for terrorist Brenton Tarrant's licencing, and has extended the Royal Commission to determine who granted him a licence by a further four months. The Prime Minister has indicated that their findings will be kept secret.

For her part Prime Minister Ardern's pattern of avoiding contact with members of the protest is well established even as demonstrations follow the Prime Minister around the country.

Controversy will continue to erupt this week as oral submissions are heard on Supplementary Order Paper 408, which seeks to ban firearms that were originally stated to remain legal in the new legislation.

With no end in sight to the legislative changes being made without parliamentary oversight via Order in Council, NZFP expects firearms owners will dutifully comply with the government confiscation, even as they struggle to keep up with the weekly changes to that legislation.

3rd December 2019

Just one day has passed since it was discovered that the Police have exposed all of our most sensitive personal information as firearms owners to the internet.

Things have gotten worse today as they attempt to pass the buck for their errors.

This is unacceptable. Join us as we protest around the country this Friday and Saturday.

Aucklanders, we have a special treat for you in the form of Jacinda Ardern's busy schedule fitting in perfectly with our own. Come and hopefully meet the Prime Minister and express your concerns over government privacy breaches in person this Friday.

Friday 6th December
44 Surrey Crescent,
Grey Lynn, Auckland

Saturday 7th November
40 Lichfield Street,

Hawkes Bay
Saturday 7th December
Exhibition Hall
Showgrounds Hawkes Bay,
Kenilworth Road, Hastings

Saturday 7th November
188 Bridge Street, Nelson

3rd December 2019

Please note that we now have a flyer available for redistribution. You can download it here:

2nd December 2019


We are reeling from the news that the Police have mismanaged the buy-back register and have subjected licenced firearms owners to a serious data breach.

We believe that this is an inevitable problem with a register. More than ever we urge the government to remove administration of the Arms Act from the Police.

We also remind our members to be ever-vigilant and to continue to maintain the world-class safe storage standards that New Zealand firearms owners are known for.

We ask that the Police urgently make a full accounting of their failure to secure our data even as we warned that Police data-handling practices made this breach an inevitability.

Visit our website for more information:
Or find us on Facebook: New Zealand Firearms Protest


The New Zealand Firearms Protest group has been formed as a reaction to the second tranche of amendments to the Firearms Act as well as other potential civil rights legislative violations.

We are under attack by a government which is hell-bent on taking our freedom to legally own firearms. The government steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that the New Zealand Police did not have the funding or the ability to administer private firearms ownership properly.

This failure allowed a terrorist to commit an atrocity in New Zealand, an atrocity for which we as Kiwi firearms license holders are being punished under the guise of safety.

Join us in standing up for New Zealand civil rights.

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Protest November 30, Dec 7